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Brian Degulis

That article annoys me. It’s a complete miss representation of the sport. It’s almost as bad as that goofy movie. For every kid or adult that races at the top level there are thousands racing on a local level. They’re learning how to compete, the physics of driving and the mechanical side of a kart. Thanks to karting my kids know how a combustion engine works. They know how to handle tools and they know how important it is to take proper care of something and it’s done without spending a fortune.

For every psycho dad there are thousands of good dads that use karting as a learning tool and an opportunity to spend time with they’re kids doing something that they enjoy themselves.

For every kid that gets hurt in a kart there are millions of kids getting hurt on skate boards or school sports and all the other things kids do.

Just ounce I’d like to see an article or film that explains what this sport is really about.