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Charles Skowron

No, it wasn’t a very nice representation at all.  Focused a lot on the risks of the sport, made particular reference to a fatal crash that happened three years ago, exaggerated some aspects (a Cadet Kart can go 70 mph?).

Sad thing is, apart from the exaggerations and embelishments above, is that the other sobering details from that article are actually true? I’ve never heard of a kid being literally belted by their dad after a bad result, but I’ve heard of plenty of cases of over-ambitious, psycho parents going nuts at the track if things don’t go the way they hoped.  Six-figure annual karting budgets? Yes. Select, ultra-expensive “works motors” Yup. 1/2 million dollar trailer-motorhome packages?  Those too.

And you can’t discredit the writer as being a hack with no knowlege of the sport. Alex Lloyd? Didn’t he race in Indycar recently? If it is that Alex Lloyd, then I would imagine he is familiar with the high-costs, irascible behaviors, and other negative aspects karting sometimes produces. Problem is, there’s not a hint in the article that you don’t need to spend $300,000, or even $30,000, to race a go-kart. More importantly, the fact that you don’t have to be 8 years old with career aspirations to race in F1 or NASCAR, to race a kart either.

Which is what I dislike the most about this story, I understand this is a human interest story and was never meant to be an “Intro into Karting” piece. But nevertheless, it’s just another article on karting repeating a theme that EVERY outside media article, or PR release about kart racing seems to say over and over ad nauseum, and NO ONE, except maybe this site, seems interested in correcting:  “Karting is a sport for kids”.


C. Skowron