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Rob Kozakowski

I wouldn’t call it a “poor” article.  If anything, it was a good article given the subject matter at hand – which was that particular family’s experience.

Just because, like many, I’m a relative “have-not” in the karting world, doesn’t mean that all of karting is about us “have-nots”.  And there’s no reason to pretend the big bucks and higher levels don’t exist for those that want to choose that path – that would be just as stupid as reporting that karting is all about club-level clone racing.

One thing I love about the sport is the diversity in backgrounds that you’ll find, especially at the club level, where you’ll have guys like me hauling their kart on top of an ugly old freebie utility trailer, and I’m racing against guys with massive haulers.

But face it, to run at the top levels, you’d better bring some money or some ridiculous level of talent and salesmanship ability to convince someone else to spend their money on you or to reduce your costs.

No, you might not need $30K to win at the top levels, but I doubt there are many at that level spending less than that.  Even back in the early-90’s, we had competitors who we used to run neck-and-neck with who told it to our faces that they protested us on occasion because they were spending more than that $30K /year figure to run on a Regional level, and they would do whatever it took to win.  Sure, it’s a small percentage, but it does exist.