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I have been driving for about a year and I am now just starting to tune my chassis. I just started last week taking tire temp readings. I seem to read a lot about how people “do a lot of this” and how people “don’t do a lot of that”. I decided that my understanding did not develop (the theory part – the why).  I will really spend next year reading, gathering data, trying “this and that”, one at a time and comparing. I know some of my efforts will not reap rewards – but I will learn what is important and what is not. And I will have learned it first hand. I hope that my tire temps will correlate and help build my understanding of why the kart handles for a particular situation. Plus – if karters are like most off the other people in my life … some may not really not know what they are talking about. And right now, I don’t have a way to distinguish between the two.

To complicate matters … I have read certain things in books, read about the same thing on-line. I then ask some reputable people that are quite knowledgable and they say quite the opposite to what I read.

It is the opposing views which made me decide to quit asking people and start learning “the hard way”. My motto from now on is “read, try, read, try, and then evaluate.