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Bob Baldwin

Eric / TJ : Well put I understand what you are saying about evenly matched circumfrence on the rear . Honestly the only time we ever used Kart scales was when the Kart was brand new we went to  OGP hired a tuner for the day did the seat placement and LEARNED some important lessons on Kart Geometry . Pretty much proceeded to try to learn the rest as we went along . other than Tech I don’t recall ever moving the seat again based on what the scales were saying . Probably a mistake on our part . did a lot on rear wheel base and front end Geometry .based on notes but that was about it .

Not sure WHY but I recall making the above changes and the LAST thing we would decide to do on the check list and notes was WHERE to set the Air Pressures at .

TJ: you are also correct about trying to “INDUCE ” a stagger if for NO other reason than SAFETY Purposes .