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Eric Alexander

Bob – Either you misunderstood the guy at GoPro Motorplex or he’s in the weeds.  You are correct that using that theory – and all things being mechanically perfect – he’d want the staggered tire on the LEFT side for that course.

Also as you most likely know by now, TJ is a great source for information.

Regarding tuning with air pressure:  I “once upon a time” scaled my kart to find it had a slight twist resulting in a higher diagonal weight.  At the time I thought I’d see what air pressure changes did to effect that.  I balanced the kart using air pressure, then went out – ran 10 laps or so – and blistered the rear that was on the heavy side.  Rookie mistake.  I’d never blistered a tire before, nor have I since.  But what I learned was use tire pressure to fine-tune the handling, not compensate for a mechanical imbalance.  Better to address the mechanical issues with mechanical solutions in order  to get your tires where you can fine-tune the handling.  In this case, measure the tire circumferences and match like-measured sets together.

I will say this, I’ve had very good results running different pressures left-right depending on the number and direction of turns.  At GoPro Motorplex, I start with .5 pound more cold pressure on the right (Bridgestone YLBs).