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Bob Baldwin

TJ : To some degree I can understand all OTHER racers in Oval track events WANTING to have Stagger in Right rear to help the racecar turn left . Though in karts with a solid axle we as karters  have a different set of chassis tuning paramaters to go by .

I probably should have added that in his explanation to me he mentioned that EVEN if the 2 rear tires were same circumference around he would add a pound or 2 of air to make the right rear bigger

To that extent I guess he MIGHT be correct Though at WHAT point do YOU see a measureable difference ? Again I am NOT sure What his Geomety setting were on the front end

Using the example stated above 7 left turns 3 right turns I would think you would be foolish to put the larger rear tire on the left side .

Let me ask you 2 questions :

1. Is it NOT better to have the rear tires as close as possible in size to Balance out the settings on a kart ?

2. Does having a right rear 1/2 inch + circumference or larger have an effect on the front end geometry ?

I honestly don’t know the answer to the question I posed .