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Gary Lawson

Some of you sprint guys are probably reading Valentin’s post thinking he is nuts but he is absolutely correct on how to easily shrink and grow a tire. Some tires are harder than others to grow based on construction. A Burris or dunlop are very easy to stretch a tire 1/2″ just by inflating it to about 50 pounds. Others like bridgestone are nearly impossible to grow more than an 1/8″ without using heat/ice bucket.

In regards to how stagger can be used in sprint kart it is pretty much useless. The reason why is because karts have so much caster and turns are generally so tight that the inside tire is unloaded very much or completely off the ground. In oval racing the driving barely turns the wheel and they don’t run more than 12 degrees caster typically. Couple that with how the inside rear can have as much as 175 lb of preload that tire will never be completely unloaded. The stagger is used to help turn the kart in the corner and the increased weight on the left rear helps the kart drive off the corner with more speed.

In sprint racing, like TJ said any more than approximately a 1/4″ the kart will pull excessively down the straights. A 1/2″ difference in stagger, front or rear, will cause the corner weights to be off by as much as 10 lbs in the front and rear.

Also, an oval kart typically runs 1 1/2″ front stagger and 1″ rear. ¬†This much stagger naturally puts negative camber in the entire right side of the kart and positive camber in the left side.