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Chris L Larson

I would also like to say thank you to WKC, WKA, and VIR.  Truly a class act event!!!  Everything was very organized and  kept to schedule.  We certainly appreciated that. 

Being from the midwest (along with Hatcher Racing), it was great for us to get to race against the many fast competitors in WKA.  Since we don’t have one organization, it makes it hard to claim a true National Champion.   Because of this, it’s good to branch out. 

With that, I would like to personally invite you to attend the K.A.R.T. Grand Nationals on Oct 6-8 (one month after the last 2013 WKA race at Summit).  We have a strong series with many fast racers in both laydown and sit up classes.  The weather is great at that time of year as well.  Traditionally on Saturday after the races we have a free BBQ (and beer!) dinner followed by an awards presentation for the Friday & Saturday races. This is an excellent time to have fun and socilize with your fellow racers.  Heartland Park is also a first class facility and the track is very fun (OK, not quite as fun as VIR, but how can you compete with that!?).  As far as classes, KART is very accomodating to make sure that everyone can race.  We even have good turnouts in our junior classes so get your kids on the track & introduce them to road racing.  I guarantee you will have a good time. 

Just don’t expect to come & take our Triads!  We protect those very closely just like you guys in WKA protect  your Eagles.   Sorry if there are any hard feelings towards Hatcher and I for taking home 4 Eagles over the last weekend.  Ha!  :)

Chris Larson