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Bill Wright

Bill : Thanks for posting that link . I’ve always admired the superkarts since the first one I saw . Never figured out why they did NOT take off as much here as they did on the other side of the pond . Cost factor probably being the biggest issue . That and TOO many other CLASSES in KARTING . lol I had kind of thought that the F-125 superkart class might have had a chance here in the USA but it has yet to happen . At different venues they have run as support for F-1 events . Perhaps IF that had happened here with Indy Cars at RR tracks it MIGHT have made a difference . Not that I am getting KINKY thinking about Three-somes LOL but have you , Rob Howden and Ken Walker Collectively ever called a race together ?That would be unique !!! Heck you guys could probably sell it on PAY-TO -LISTEN !!! CONTINUED SUCCESS IN YOUR KARTING ENDEAVORS AND WHAT YOU DO FOR THE SPORT .


Hi Bob,

Nice to “see” you. Hope all is well.

2009 at Cadwell Park was my first exposure to these karts. I was shocked at how hard they race each other, even at the speeds these karts achieve! Brilliant!!!

Rob and I have announced many SuperkartsUSA events together, and quite a few FWT events, too. I’ve many fond memories of our times together. “GRRR BABY!!”

Ken and I have announced the British Superkart GP twice, and of course Ken and I have announced many FWT events together.

Ken and Rob have been announcers at the same events many times, but I don’t think they have ever announced the events together. Sometimes Ken is the PA announcer and Rob is doing a broadcast, but more recently Ken is doing a KRN broadcast and Rob is the PA announcer. I’m sure Rob can tell us if I’m wrong?

IMO two is always better than one, and I think Ken and Rob would make a brilliant pairing. Who knows, it might happen sooner-rather-than-later! PanAm? RMCGF? FWT?

Time will tell………