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Rob Miller

We have made a number of updates to the LSGP website in preparation for the opening of online registration on 10.1.13.  The competition schedule is updated as well as other parts of the site.  Take a look at http://www.lonestargrandprix.us.

We have also finalized the process for the selection of the LSGP driver who will attend the 2014 Granja 500 in Brazil courtesy of MG Tires.  The winners of the following classes will appear on stage at the end of the awards presentation and draw from a hat to determine the driver who attends the Granja:

Stock Honda Light

Stock Honda Heavy



TAG Masters

KT 100


The Granja is a world famous endurance race regularly raced by F1 and Indy Car racers and takes place in late November or early December each year.


The spec tire for all classes for LSGP 2014 will be the MG Yellow and you will purchase it online from LSGP for $212 per set.  You must qualify and race on the same set of tires.  You may practice on the tire of your choice.

Look for move interviews of LSGP racers on our FB page over the next few weeks including Ms. Sabre Cook, Josh Lane and others.