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Gerry MCN

1. Gates will open at 0700-0730
2. Overnight camping will probably be available for Friday night
3. The sessions will end at 5 PM approx.
4. The track session will be 20-30 minutes each
5. There will be 7 session for sure and possibly 8 thru the day
6. Minimum age for this track day is 16 years old.
7. There will NOT be a full snack bar concession but there will be coffee and doughnuts
8. If you are not able to get on the track or choose not to run at all you can obtain a refund
9. If the event begins and halfway thru the day a monsoon happens there will be some form of rebate available
10. There will be alternating sessions with cars and driver levels of the cars
11. The insurance at the track is for track liability only–no medical bills will be covered by the track insurance if needed
12. The cost for the day is $195 – can be paid at the track


will be lots of fun