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Gary Osterholt

Hey Wade,

First thing I’d ask is where do you plan on racing?

Do they have a Rotax class.  I think about karting is it’s very localized on what’s popular in that area.

Rotax is a TAG.  TAG or Touch and Go is a genetic name for a group of “like” engines.  The cost is similar for each.  Rotax is just a single engine class, but can also run with other TAG engines.  Which is why I said where do you plan on racing above?

As far as the kart, about any kart can win.  Some are easier to tune, but again go with what’s local or at least have a local kart shop that can assist you.  For a beginner, most of the time it doesn’t matter what kart you drive, the learn curve is steep.  Buy some tires and go drive drive drive.


Gary Osterholt
GO Designs, LLC