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Dan Schlosser

You’ll never accuse me of being a Rotax fanatic but I have to say it is extremely hard to beat in terms of TAG packages for someone wanting to get in to the sport and turn a lot of laps. The biggest factor is that it actually starts every time you hit the button. The lower rpm’s and being counter balanced also make it less likely to vibrate itself, and you, in to oblivion. The rotax ignition, exhaust and clutch are a lot more robust too than any other TAG and won’t typically let you down without warning.

The carb on the Rotax is unnecessarily tricky but there isn’t an option unfortunately. It is fine for lapping days but you’ll spend some time and testing to get comfortable with it to be able to fine tune on a race day.

The Rotax will also run 2-3 times longer than any other TAG package which helps offset the additional initial expense.