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Chris Reinhardt

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Chris Reinhardt wrote: This couldn’t possibly turn out bad…..

Too funny! Ding, Ding….round two! Guess we missed Jimmys post? http://ekartingnews.com/forums/topic/stock-honda-is-better-than-kz/ Around here it’s tough to find anything other than a stock moto – but we see them, just not real popular. I don’t believe there is an issue with “OOP” CR125′s. Yea though – I guess the 1999 cr125 could be considered out of production in 2000. From what I understand, Honda retains all dies, molds, templates and such to continue to manufacture 99′ CR125 parts, and with HRC now actively participating in larger karting events – I seriously doubt availability of anything would be an issue – not anywhere in the near future anyway. I’ve blown up allot of stuff (only caused by mechanic issues – me) and never had an issue with acquiring proper replacements.

Actually, HRC has nothing to do with any 2 strokes anymore, I think you meant HPD…


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