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Robert Lawson


In your initial post you asked many questions but left out your intentions.

Are you a Sprint Racer or Road Racer? Or both????

Some may think it doesn’t matter to your choice of engine brand but I would disagree.

Road racing is far more expensive than Sprint racing, logistically speaking. You will travel further, stay longer and spend more $$$$ in fee’s. If this is budgeted into your racing plans then you must at least consider these costs.

It boils down to preference, the Bike engine will be easier to maintain with local shops able to supply your parts. No shipping fee’s or return headaches! BUT, beware…..it is a “spec” package not a “stock or OEM” package. You won’t be able to buy some of the parts used in the “spec” form at your local bike shop.

The ICC/KZ has an exotic mystique to it. It rev’s higher, feels more powerful and is a much cleaner package (intake/exhaust location).

Buying into what is popular today can and will quickly change, it’s the only sure thing in this sport/hobby.

I’d look to the classifieds for a pulse, awful lot of “spec” and “mod” Hondas for sale these days……something to think about.

Good Luck in your quest.