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Derek Lodato

@ Brian Degulis …Your response was very enlightening

It also brings to mind. Why hasn’t America stepped up to produce their own purpose built shifter kart engines?

Sure Stock motos are good.. .KZ looks to be the F1 of karting but all I hear from various people are costs are higher with KZ, Maxter is crap TM is the way to go. ICC’s blow up maintenance cost is high etc etc

All this talk is making me want to buy an Easykart shifter or something way different than the norm. Seems that this battle between moto and icc has been going on forever. Sure I am new to OWNING a shifter but not being around the topics that have been brewing since the 90’s.

ICC vs Moto is a battle that would only will be put to rest by a new different dominant power plant hitting the scene.

Now we have the mighty 4-stroke. Personally I’m not a fan but they will continue to grow. I think we’ll miss a great opportunity to come up with something reliable, powerful and with ongoing design upgrades. But no… we’ll just grab another made for motocross engine and slap it on a kart. That thing looks hideous on a kart. Big bulky hunk of metal that doesn’t belong on a kart.

Another question, since there are SO many karting enthusiast and racers, why should karting be different than any other motorsport? Why not continue to develop a good power package with reliability and cost effectiveness. We need a purpose built kart engine.

Some will say we already have that with the ICC/KZ engine but then there’s the cost and maintenance issue again and then we are in another continuing never ending discussion.

Let’s think outside the box…. I’d like to see a powerful 2-stroke powerplant purpose built kart motor in which parts are affordable. Perhaps American Made this time to keep costs down. Perhaps an ICC/KZ american made engine with parts availability in the states so you don’t have to spend so much on maintenance.

Yep I know… Keep dreamin right?