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Chris Reinhardt

Chris, the title of link I posted is “2013 Honda North American Motorsports Overview”. From that context, I interpret the release as being a statement of intent and commitment for ’13 and no further than that unless expressly stated. I’m not saying the end is nigh, they’ll probably (hopefully) do the same for ’14. Just making the point that this is the closest thing I have seen to a commitment from HPD, and its stands as being one year, each year.


Dude, stop drinking your race fuel!!!  Now you’re a clairvoyant?  As in 2012, HPD will again offer support programs for competitors.  Means it’s a year by year lease?  I read it as, same program as last year… You would really need to ask them to find out what their commitment is….

And again, Jim, Tom, HPD is NOT the only source for motors and parts, it is another source for them….


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