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Thomas Barth

Troy, go for it!!

Chris, someone under contract from Honda assembles 125 cc shifter engines and calls them kart engines. When parts are gone engine is gone.

This is what ticks me off about posters who have no or little knowledge of the subject:

There are no 2.5K spec motos.

KZ (ICC) is easy to tune. What’s to tune?

I maintain more KZ engines than any other shop in the U.S. The engine is work of art, easy to disassemble and reassemble. Someone out there in Honda land say it isn’t so.

Does not cost and arm and leg to repair or run.

The KZ does NOT require a tuner to set up. The carb is essentially a one time set up. Select a gear and go racing.


PS. got two calls today looking for TM KZ10 engine info.