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Troy V Smith

Thomas Barth wrote:
Honda no longer produces CR125 motorcycles. Tell me why they would continue to produce engines especially since the company has never produced 125cc kart shifter engines.

As I have no experience at all with any KZ – I’m sure your points are valid with such a motor, but I would think a reality check to be in order with your opinions of the CR125.

A 2013 Chevy Camaro is no longer produced either – doesn’t mean there is no continued support from or for the motor?  Oh well, I guess I’m glad I don’t race dirt bikes anyway.  I really don’t care why HPD has made the decision to provide a continued support for karters, but I do know there are a whole lot of us that appreciate it and have allot to gain from it.  For Honda to step in with the HPD program says allot about it’s commitment and promotion to the sport in general.   And Honda does produce a shifter kart motor – and it’s called a CR125.  it is far from an “imposter” as you call it, it is relatively safe to say that the CR125 is a huge chunk of the shifter kart package as well as a huge following, far exceeding that of the any KZ here in the states.

Intended purpose of the motor is really irrelevant if you ask me.  I could take a KZ motor and turn it into a trolling motor if I wanted to – not practical, but doable.  So to say “this is the motor you need cause it a “kart” motor”, and not this one “cause it’s a dirt bike motor” seems ludicrous to me.

But with that said, if a KZ class was what I had to run here – that’s what I’d have.  There is a whole lot more to making a decision toward engine packages than just, “use this one”.

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