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Thomas Barth

Steen, been to Europe a couple of times Uncle Sam sent me once so I am familiar  with the area. Yes, I am referring to proximity of tracks for most Europeans.

Look at it this way Italy is approximately 114K  square miles in area compared to Texas 269K square miles. But in Italy there is probably close to 70 kart tracks. I’m not sure if we have 70 sprint tracks in the whole of the U.S. A. Just trying to point out that karting in the U.S. has different parameters than Europe.

Also I tried to answer the questions posed by Derek as honestly as I could from my perspective. Of course I am partial to the KZ. I invite anyone out there to provide a rebuttal to my views or, the reasons why Derek should go with Honda.

Honda no longer produces CR125 motorcycles. Tell me why they would continue to produce engines especially since the company has never produced 125cc kart shifter engines.


Just tryin’ to defend my position by giving Derek the facts about real kart engines (KZ) and the imposter, dirt bike engines.