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Chris Reinhardt


<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Thomas Barth wrote:</div>
Chris, Yes, stick to Honda…”way more fun”. the KZ would soil your undies. http://greenflag.net/gfk_products/tut_intro.php This way more manual than Honda offers. And it will work for most KZ’s

So Tom, you’re not the factory right?  So anything posted that’s not directly from the factory is hearsay…  Maybe it’s right, but how does somebody verify it?

Good to see somebody put something together, the factory is pitiful for not creating a service manual.  Hardly a service manual though, but better than nothing…  Now maybe I can tell people where to go!!!!

Soil my undies?  Only after I see an invoice for KZ a rebuild!!! :)


Chris Reinhardt

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