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Chris Reinhardt

Chris, You’re totally out of sync. I’ve been trying to find a TM K engine for a week now. If you know of any TM KZ dust collectors, please contact me. Just got back from a friends kart shop in Bellville, MI. Someone just dumped a trailer load of ‘junk’ on him. Three shifter karts, 2 Yamahas and a Honda. You should bag your a** out there. He’d probably give you those junkers. How can you use a manual on a JC engine? Thank the Lord we don’t need a manual for the KZ. Just bolt it on and go racin’. P.S. I believe TM will build you any model you would want. How about Honda???

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How many do you want?

Of course you don’t need a manual for a KZ, the motors never come apart, you just rebuild but not blue print, cranks for other peoples customers…

The sad part is, you believe your own BS……


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