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Chris Reinhardt

Darn it, here we go. Its really simple. ALL COSTS are EQUAL. What would you choose. Don’t make it more then it is. KZ engines are perfect out of the box. My first ICC was a CRS which was out of the box stock for the whole year I had it and I was faster then my mod honda straight away. The modification of engines is not the KZ or any engines fault. Does the honda need to be modified? I guess not, Stock Moto right! Same for KZ. I just won a race on a 2006 Maxter. There where 2002 Pavesi’s and TM k9s that where right there. Unless your top level the whole you need the latest is bunk and you know it. Nevermind this argument, its not going to work. I thought it might be fun Chris, I ran stock moto all of 2010. Good engine, ran great all year, power was good. I’ve owned many KZ, mod honda and stock honda engines so I need now history lesson. Also the parts engine you by from Skark Shifter and put it together is not the same as the national level engines by a builder. Close, sure but I bet there are at least 2-3 hp difference. You know that.


Keith, you need to make up your mind!!!

But Tom,  Tec-Sav and all the rest are tunners right?   Massive amounts of work are done to the KZ engines.  Porting, pollishing, huge changes in the intake,  polishing the transmission.  There are limits do many things but lots can and are done.  I have the bills to prove it.

Don’t get me wrong I prefer KZ by a long shot.

Chris Reinhardt

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