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Chris Reinhardt

Keith, you have buy in cost, operation cost, and modification cost.

With stock Honda, you don’t have ANY modification costs, and the operational costs are lower.

The sales pitch with the ICC stuff was that it comes out of the box fast, and all the parts are racing specific and therefore last longer justifying the higher prices.  That’s what everybody thought back in the day when they switched from Mod’s to ICC.

Well, we all know that if the rules allow for modifications, somebody will do it.  So you buy an off the shelf KZ, Tom tells you just bring it up to “spec” and then you proceed get spanked by a Tech Sav mill!  So then your fairly reliable 50 liter between top ends KZ gets sent off to Tech Sav to get built.  It comes back, your wallet is waaaaay lighter, and  you now have a fast as snot KZ ticking time bomb!!!

Now on the other hand, you buy a stock Honda from your favorite source, and you send it out to get built, sorry wait a minute, you can’t modify a Stock Honda.  So you buy it, then you run it, then maintain it……..

That’s basically the difference between a Stock Honda and a KZ in a nut shell….

Now if there were a “Stock KZ” class, then yes you would have to find the best motor for the track, or best motor overall each homologation period.  That couldn’t be too expensive at all…….


Chris Reinhardt

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