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Daniel Barth

Tom Tom Tom,


only half stories again i see…tut tut tut :-)

“Just a week ago an ex Honda pilot showed his rear bumper to the reigning Honda king, Lance Lane . Congrats to Eric Chappell on taking his new Maxter to victory at the Grattan CES road race.”

Saturdays Race:



Pretty sure that says Lance Lane P1…..hmmmmmm

Eric, Ted, Joe & Daniel are not on Honda’s right ?….

Joe Barth & Daniel Barth wouldnt be any relation would they….cough….nahhhhh couldnt happen :-)


Sundays Race:


Good job Eric…..

Where did those Barth boys go ????…..Hang on let me find them …….

Pesky old Honda……


Guys, guys, guys. I’m just coming out of retirement, tipping the scales at 440 llbs kart and driver and driving a 12 year old TM K9. Please leave me out of this discussion. I have raced with Lance Lane and Ted Steffke in my past and have great respect for both of them as drivers and friends. I have also raced with Eric both when he was on a moto and KZ and like him just the same. They are all great guys and it’s nice being back at the track to catch up with them.

I also love my and respect my grandfather. He has his own opinions and has been around the sport a long time. I think we can all respect and appreciate his passion for the sport in general.

Hope to see some of you at the track as I ease my way back into this great sport.

Daniel Barth