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Thomas Barth

Wow!! I made it! Took a while but with some help from my friends wormed my way through the registration exercise for the new RH EKN format.


Now to get down to business—-Honda bashing!

It is still hard for me to understand why any self respecting karter would want to get into a shifter kart with an entanglement of hoses and wires, a exhaust pipe that is on backwards, then trust their skills to keeping the ugly beast on the track!!

A post about the cheap parts for the dirt bike engine forgets that there are no longer any engines being produced. A fact that does not give one confidence in future service or parts availability.

Just a week ago an ex Honda pilot showed his rear bumper to the reigning Honda king, Lance Lane . Congrats to Eric Chappell on taking his new Maxter to victory at the Grattan CES road race.

I have a question for the Honda tuners, do you tune the Honda or just use the forum to tune up your B.S. skills?

Anyway its good to be back on track – gotta luv KZ. P.S. almost forgot…trying to find a used KZ, emailed a karter to inquire if he would sell his K9B. He said he couldn’t – already promised it to a Honda owner who wanted a real ride!