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Frank Rapisarda

Hey Jim Frank from NJ, great way to kick off the new look. If it is all about the money the cost of the parts alone will bankrupt most people. I can buy a complete honda crank for 135.00 to 150.00 everyday, cylinders 280.00 top end complete 125.00 for a KZ just a rod kit is 380.00 to 405.00 then send it to a shop to have it installed 50.00 – 75.00 A cylinder not sure but i am sure 500.00 plus, top ends 160.00 I live in the heart of KZ country ( NESS ) i am the only one that i know of with a mod honda. A good mod honda can run with the KZ no problem an not self destruct. I would like to see a real stock class, out of the box stock period for the honda and use a 05 motor, and have a box stock KZ class, if they get enough guy’s the class will live, if not buy a honda an have some fun, not like we make money in this sport, Oh and have a class like Riley said run what you brung, the only rule is it must be 125cc bring the family and friends and have a great day at the track.