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Riley Will


I was poking fun, no disrespect intended Thought I was going with Jimmy’s stirring of the pot.


I personally think all 125’s are cool. Run what ya Brung is the flavor I like… Ive had and supported TM Moto, Yamaha Moto, Honda Moto, Pavesi FC/ICC/KZ reeds and rotarys, TM FC/KZ, Vortex FC/KZ, and Rotax disk valve along with Aprilia GP engines….

Im glad to see Stock Honda bring great competition back to the sport too. Also from what I hear, the Eastern states have a great following of the purpose built engines. Its all good, but trying to change people’s opinions about which is better is kinda like telling them to change their religion. Just accept the differences and move on already…

Shifter karting is definitely the most fun you can have in karting. It doesnt matter what type of engine you have on your kart, just as long as it has gears:)