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Chris Reinhardt

Bernie, like I explained the first time, I went out to do some testing, there happen to be a race that day, I had to enter to practice.  I ran all the practice session, and the qualifier, put it on the pole, ahead of ALL the ICC’s running that day.   I had fun, I sorted some things out, yes it wasn’t a record setting lap, but it fast enough for a pole that day, I’ll take it.

And again, if I went out there to actually race, I would had a decent set of tires instead the billion heat cycle balling balls I had, and I would adjusted on the chassis instead of working on the motor…

Sprint race=Parking lot, get it?  I road race, you probably wouldn’t catch me on anything much less than about 1.2 miles….  but you never know, I’ve done 32 flat’s on the old OVRP, look that one up….

Maybe Alex will give you some lessons? :)


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