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Andrew Pachon

Ok so 78 people viewed my post. Well I stopped by SubeSports here in SoCal (Huntington Beach) and I tried on several suits and nothing fit properly. I have 24+ inches between my shoulders (Former USMC) and the gents at SubeSports were kind enough to direct me to K1Racegear. I wished I’d known about K1 before driving all the way up to Huntington Beach as K1 is pretty much in my backyard.

Well I stopped by K1 and Aubrey King took amazing care of me and my custom suit is on order for less than an off the shelf Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars, Puma.

If there are any of you gents or gals that are in need of a new suit, please take my recommendation and gov e these guys a chance to earn your business. They are awesome to deal with.