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Mike Sirochman

I’ve continually invite friend out to run concession karts and to races at my home track Ocala Gran Prix to try to get others I know started, it’s how I got my start. Eventually I will take my DD2 out and compete in a local race but for now it’s just practice.

I started a page on Facebook for people in our area, Florida Karting Planner, to try to organize get togethers on track to learn and help newer people get a start. I have over 50 people in the Central Florida area in our group at this time .

I also started another Facebook page, Florida Karting Photos, to share pictures myself and others have taken at race events with drivers and their families. I’ve been limited up to this point on the locations I’ve been able to make trying to balance between my other obligations but I’m trying to expand. I love photography and though my pictures aren’t the greatest yet but they come with no charge. If you see one you want you email me and it’s yours in full resolution. I try to get all the drivers I can because I know there isn’t always someone there available for everyone especially on the far side of the track.