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Keith Buffo

Inspired by Jim’s though provoking survey http://smarturl.it/mylpgm here is an idea that I totally do not have the time to build myself…

An interactive library of actionable tips/best practices for racers – basically a karting Wiki – the key to its success would be organization…
Category (e.g., Engines)
General Subject (e.g., Rotax or Leopard)
Specific Subject (e.g., Rotax/Carb or Rotax/Clutch)
General Topic (e.g., Rotax/Carb/Jetting)
Specific Topic Posts

The Specific Topic Posts are the meat of the thing… the books in the library. These are the individual posts made by users, both as questions or as volunteered tips/advice/step-by-step instruction (e.g., Rotax/Carb/Jetting/Reading Plugs). There would be functionality for comments/arguments. The comments could be “liked”, with the ones getting the most likes being shown first.

There would be tags that cross-link with other library entries, as well as more narrative content/front matter on the website. Ideally this tagging could be automated. However, there would need to be a curator to oversee everything.

Administration of General Subjects could be assigned to an expert who will reply to questions, create posts, and generally bring facts and insights. For someone like an engine builder, the highly visibility of this role, opportunity to prove expertise, and direct contact with a self-vetted audience of active buyers would have real monetary value if traffic was good. This could/should provide a solid revenue stream to sustain the website in addition to display ads and sponsorships.

Beyond technical and equipment categories, I’d like to see…

New To Karting:
New vs used, what to look for in used, karts and classes, etc

Regional Information:
Shops, tracks, series, events, etc

Karting Promotion:
A section for promoters and organizers to share tips of the trade:
track set up, pr, promo ideas, insurance/legal, scoring, etc.