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Keith Buffo

Karting pictures on your desk at work?
Yes, and trophies I don’t want my wife to put in the basement. On the downside, I work at home, so nobody ever sees any of it.

Have you been known to turn any racing conversation into a conversation about karts?
I can turn any discussion into a karting discussion.

Do offer to help new people out getting started?
… and established racers to run better so they have fun and stick around.

Do you attend the local club meetings? (Are you on the board?)
If we had one, I would. Lacking that, I just harass the guys who own the club.

Do you volunteer at the local club?

Do you donate used equipment to the club?(Old chassis that could be used for an Arrive-n-drive)
I offer my kart up to anyone who wants to try it out. The old “your first taste is free” philosophy.

Would you race 2 classes if they needed another kart?
Need it or not, I usually do.

What do you do?
I’m a marketing guy, so I do quite a bit of writing, design, web stuff, social media, video, photography and strategy with the club. On race days I help with the grid, work on people’s karts, and tear down the track… after the race, but sometimes during!