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James McMahon

Karting pictures on your desk at work?
One, yes.

Have you been known to turn any racing conversation into a conversation about karts?
Usually, I mean thats where real racing happens :D

Do offer to help new people out getting started?
Yes, continuously

Do you attend the local club meetings? (Are you on the board?)
Nope.  Don’t even know if they have a board

Do you volunteer at the local club?

Do you donate used equipment to the club?(Old chassis that could be used for an Arrive-n-drive)
I’ve donated tires and stuff.

Would you race 2 classes if they needed another kart?
If I can physically handle it and can afford it, of course.

What do you do?
Built a clone kart to give my neighbours a sample of karting.
Fair bit of FaceBook activity, video and other promotional-type stuff
Interact and help people where I can on boards like this
Volunteer a lot for the series I run (CES) ( 100hours logged in since March.)
Working on building a website for karting
I try to support the local tracks and kart business whenever I can in whatever way I can. This year I am skipping a regional CES race, and will instead race at my local track at the end of the year.