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Paul Lopez

Karting pictures on your desk at work? Nope but occasionally on my computer background

Have you been known to turn any racing conversation into a conversation about karts? Every racing convo i bring up karting and how the best drivers in the world are great karters and use karting to train for racing cars.

Do you offer to help new people out getting started? Not only do i offer my suggestions to anyone i come in contact with in the sport, i offer three of my karts to friends and family to get them into the sport. Unfortunately my passion is way greater than anyone around me so i think i can get rather annoying when i ask 3 and 4 times over to join me lol

Do you attend the local club meetings? (Are you on the board?) I do not think they have one but i will check

Do you volunteer at the local club? I do not

Do you donate used equipment to the club?(Old chassis that could be used for an Arrive-n-drive) I do not

Would you race 2 classes if they needed another kart? The local drivers are much more financially healthy than me so i do not compete only practice. If it werent for dumpster tires i probably would have given up karting long ago. </span>

I also wanted to add that i am unsure why karting at my local club and in general is not very popular but there is an adequate turnout for practices and race days.  So i general its not overcrowded but also not anemic either.

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