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Russell Stevens

This question is for the Drivers and crews. Not karting business owners.
Karting pictures on your desk at work?
Have you been known to turn any racing conversation into a conversation about karts?
Do offer to help new people out getting started?
Do you attend the local club meetings? (Are you on the board?)
Do you volunteer at the local club?
Do you donate used equipment to the club?(Old chassis that could be used for an Arrive-n-drive)
Would you race 2 classes if they needed another kart? What do you do? Every little bit helps, maybe someone will read this and think “you know what, I could do that too!” http://www.SMKA.org

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Well I’m in my first year of karting. My son started in a gold plate local class, was allowed to move up to a local Sr. Sealed Class because of huge weight disadvantage  and skill, got kicked out because of a later decision based on insurance… Is now running a Methanol class based on his age, and doing well… except for the fact that the club isn’t regularly enforcing weights… I’m the VP and stand in race director who gets his sack kicked in by all the “Racer Dads” when the fast kids go to a WKA “away” race… I’d say for getting kicked around and the amount we’ve invested in my son trying to have a little fun we’ve done a lot. I can’t say that others would have a stomach for the amount of bullshit, but I do my part. You want to ask why the sport isn’t growing? I can answer that question. At the local level any competitive class thinks it’s a national race and want to kill each-other and anyone who says otherwise is told to “eff” off. It’s a sucky place having $15k behind a truck to show up to a local race… and have someone flip out and say the reason his son is smashing into the back of your son’s kart is because you have a power advantage… No black flags were called… I give up my day with my kid, and get others to help get him on the track… and racers have to balls to tell me I suck and my kid should quit racing as he is terrible. Again you want to know why this sport is failing? Mark me as a bitter Dad who can’t win. Keep in mind we are running for time on the Mychron, and he knows to follow the leader and learn when he catches the other racers… we are not trying to win, just trying to have fun.

We came into the karting world based on cost and friendly atmosphere /vs dirt track. When my son hits 16 and if he is still interested in racing we may switch. At least in dirt track you know everyone is cheating, and every relationship is adversarial. A lot less surprises when you have paid track crew, and everyone is your enemy up front.