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Troy V Smith

Yea, I thought about the rubber right away, but there was nothing apparent on the tires.  I dug a little deeper and found that the right front wheel seemed to have just a very small bit of wobble to it (just enough to see while rotating).  So I pulled that wheel/tire off and put on another – still had a wobble – tried another – still a mild wobble, but better.  So I pulled the front hub and replaced with new hub – still had a wobble but not nearly as bad (hard to see).  Finally grabbed another wheel – and wobble was gone.

Looks like the front hub was tweaked, and was just amplified by an additional wheel slightly out of round.

OK, so after all this, I used the new hub on the spindle and I went through each and every one of my wheel/tire sets.  I have three full sets of wheels – of the 12 wheels (front and rear), looks like there are 9 which I can see a wobble with my eye!   Wheels are pretty old and have been through quite a bit of racing – probably three years worth – I am guessing we don’t want any noticeable “wobble” in the wheels and there is no real action to take other than get a couple new sets?  Trash em’?

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