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Michael Boone

This race is not an  international race  that is run under FIA/CIK international rules it is a FFSA national race with an option for international pilots. So it is run under FFSA rules .

He made an unsafe stop on the track with out raising his hand to let the drivers know he was stopping!

He left his kart on the track and walked away!

He had contacted with someone outside of park fermé

His crew member entered on the track ( He crossed over the wall that separates people from the track. He was not on the track surface but the barrier is still considered the track. The pilot is responsible for everything his crew does)

He reentered the track without looking or signaling he was entering the track.

This pilot has many years of racing under his belt ! it was not his first race he could not claim ignorance.

If we as race Directors let things like this go it will get worst. Give an inch they take a mile! everyone will think they can stop and celebrate on the track.

We run a very tight schedule here if there are karts to pickup on the track the truck can not enter on to the track till all kart have left the track and we can’t release  the next race till the pickup car has left the track. Here if the race goes over the scheduled finish time the track will be fined by the city.

My main concern is the safety of EVERY driver that is on the track and that the rules are followed and handed out equally to all.  I don’t see everything but I do see more than most people think I give chances when they are merited and drop the hammer when it’s deserved.

I was not at this race but had the opportunity to talk with one of the Co race directors(3) at this race and I know the lead race director of this race. This was talked about between all of them before the decision was made to DQ him.

What would you all be saying if someone had run in to his kart and got hurt?????? The officials didn’t do enough!!

I’m sorry this happened ! But not sorry for the results of it!

Salut! Michael

FFSA National Race Director