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Gary Lawson

If it’s in the rules I think he should be disqualified. I thought it was definitely way over the top. Celebrate all you want as soon as you get off the scales. For all I know the guy could have slipped some weight into his pocket. Not to mention how unsafe it is to stop on the racing surface. On that topic, I think their should have been a penalty at the pan am race at NOLA for the antics that went on with drivers in sr. max stopping on the track and playing games during the last timed practice. I found it humorous when it happened but it definitely wasn’t very safe.

Anyway, back to the celebration thing. It’s bad enough that their have been people that wrecked or swerved after celebrating when they win. Eventually it may turn into the NFL where they celebrate now after every tackle or catch instead of only during a touchdown. Next time I may a pass for 10th I’m going to give a fist pump to the crowd as I go by….A little exaggerated but if you went back to 1980 and showed an NFL player all the celebrating now they wouldn’t believe what they see. It’s embarrassing. Even kids at jr. high school games celebrate like that because it’s all they see on tv anymore. I guess I’m just old school. I only pose for David Cole. Lol