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Carl Freese

When I left for Vegas on Monday the 18th it showed a 20% chance on Thursday, that’s it. I’m not saying that he had to have them there. What I’m saying is that when even he could not get them, someone needed to realize that there was a problem. I did not have an issue with having to have tires shipped to me, the issue was that there were NO TIRES to be shipped to me.

If you read what I said, I said that they (SKUSA) were trying as hard or harder to get tires. The fact is that there was not a supply of them anywhere to be found. I don’t expect them to be sitting on a huge supply of tires. I would think that if anyone could pull off getting ¬†them there on short notice it would be Tom & Patti. I know the passion and energy that they have given to this sport and this event in particular since it has become his event. If there were tires out there they would have got them.

Like I said in my previous post, I am simply putting out some ideas that could have helped the situation in my opinion. I am trying to be as constructive as I can and just put some ideas out there. I was able to get some used tires and make the best of the situation and hopefully this was a freak occurrence.

And yes, I have already started thinking of next years race.