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Ross Karlsson

If you look at the numbers the worst case called for 1350 sets just for the one event and that didn’t cover the case of still having stock if need for events elsewhere the following couple of weeks, even going on the figures I used there still should have been another 500 sets at the point of manufacture.  Going on a low pre order level of 35 yes they had enough for about 300 sets yet the event was attracking 550 entries which means they were never going to meet total demand. This is in effect the showcase event of the season any promotor that had come to see how MG handled it, that was in the market for a new tyre supplier would be talking with another manufacter now.

Mojo the other manufacter at the event had no problems considering they came off a big event the previous week that had chewed thru their wet tyre stock.

Remember this is an international showcase so buy screwing up MG could effect their case for supplying tyres elsewhere in the world.