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Ross Karlsson

Okay so the dumbass’s didn’t read the fine print correctly that tyres need to be prte ordered.

But if you look at it from a business point of view, MG’s  job is to manufacture and sell tyres to there customers and going into the event excluding those that would use Mojo tyres lets say that 550 drivers would be running on MG’s. So if you say 2.5 sets could be used at this meeting plus extras for defects and being cut down then they would require at least 1350 sets to have been manufactured. With a cutoff of 1 November for pre orders that would give an idea of how many had to be taken to the event for start of practice. So lets say that 300 drivers pre ordered 1.5 sets meaning 450 sets if you add another 100 sets to cover for damage and those that might wish to buy on day one once they saw the weather forcast so at the start they should of brought 550 sets max. Of the 250 drivers that didn’t preorder if they then need to get tyres then going on the 1.5 average for those that already had ordered another 300 sets might be required, which could have been stored in a warehouse close enough to truck or fly in overnight.

So from a business point of view it reflects poorly on MG in the fact that they were unable to meet demand from the stocks held in the USA, Mexico & Canada. For ones coming from countries were the MG SKUSA spec tyre is not in use and the history of the event is no rain they would not be going to the expense of ordering tyres that they may never use and would expect the manufacture to have in place contingencies to be able to cover demand.