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Ross Karlsson

There were several issues regarding the tyres.

A/ It was the desert and not supposed to rain

B/ International teams were under the impression that tyres would be available on site so didn’t pre order.

C/ MG as tyre supplier should of had sufficent WETs available, if not on site then at least able to be flown in overnight.

Once it was obvious that there was an issue, we scrambled around the teams seeing what deals could be done. One of the MG agents informed us that every wet tyre in USA  had been sold out unless you could find a shop somewhere that was sitting on some. The Mexican’s said everything from Mexico was being shipped to SKUSA but nobody seem to know who had control of the shipment. We did a deal with the Canadains at just over $300 a set which included a surcharge of $25 from the Casino. As ones became more desparate it was a case of supply v’s demand which pushed the price up.  

SKUSA could have done some lateral thinking by reducing the sets allowed down from 2 to 1 to try an ensure atleast every team had a chance to get a set.