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Carl Freese

I think that everyone is missing the boat here. I am not blaming anyone for the problems that we had. I understand that it was MY FAULT for not having the rain tires. The thing that I have been trying to point out is that the issue was not a problem for 1 or 2 drivers. There were a lot of drivers scrambling. If that is the case then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Just like I pointed out a few years ago when the oil was kartguard? or whatever and some people where sticking engines. It was addressed and a solution was found.

I am only saying that everyone knew that this turned into a big problem on Thursday and it never really was addressed and no real solution was found.

Do any of the suggestions that I made above sound like it would have made for a better race? I think so. Just look at the Mylaps reports for the practices and you will see that not many people were running on Thursday. I’m sure that some were not running by choice, but others were just not wanting to run the only set of rains they had.

I think that Stacey’s effort to sell the tires at 212 + shipping was definitely a fair deal and I would have jumped on it had I known.

I was offered some tires that were already scanned, but I didn’t want to get the other driver any type of penalty so I just held out until I found a set that I could use.