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Chris Laird

I’m very curious about all of these rants. $1,000-$2,500 for a set of tires? Yep, I heard all kinds of talk about that. It’s called supply and demand. Bet those tires got sold too. In business, there will always be sharks that take advantage of a situation.

Bad business? Quick math. 600 drivers times 2 sets, 1200 sets. At the beginning of the season Tom was selling rain tires for the promotional price of $170 so we’ll start there. 1200 sets times $170 is $204.000. When was the last time you saw ANYBODY, with $200,000 worth of axels in there trailer let alone rain tires that rarely get used?

2 weeks before snats there was rain in the forecast PERIOD. If all 600 entries would have been responsible, there would have been a shortage of rain tires then, followed by a push to get more tires from Brazil. A week is plenty of time to get 500 sets of tires at a resonable price. Its Toms job to put on a race. It’s the drivers job to make sure he has what he needs to race.

Lets try to keep it real here. Did I miss anything? Feel free to correct me.