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Carter Thompson

Thanks for the info Jason.  I will study up on Axles and might take you up on that deal.  I recently just finished the season here in TN and after softening up the kart I dropped my times by .6 sec on average.  I went to 130mm hubs ( had some  already) I also widened the track all around. I took the rear out about 1 inch and the front a 1/2″ . I was not brave enough to remove the rear bar jut yet. I will do some testing on that.

I was able to stay on my competitions bumper the entire 15 lap race to pull off second and third in point for the season overall. . I just could not find a safe place to pass. freeing  up the kart did wonders for the sweepers.

Now I just need to work on my engine so I can keep up with those ICC’s. we all have to weight 400#’s and my little cr125 has a hard time keeping up. :(