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Eric Alexander

1. Most manufacturers will list the proper weight distribution for their chassis’.  40/60 to 43/57 is common.  Thats a good starting point, then let the handling and stopwatch be the guide.

2.  Go ahead and buy 4 bathroom scales.  You really need to have all four wheels scaled simultainiously.  Bathroom scales are a good starter set-up, but know they will not be 100% accurate.  Calibration from scale to scale, and accuracy as weight is added tend to be “fuzzy”.  With that in mind – go cheap with a bathroom scale.  I’m talking $10-15 apiece cheap.  If you’re spending more, go with a shipping scale (@ $50-ish apeice).  Next step would be used racing scales at $400-700 a set.  Finally new racing scales at $700-1500 a set.

So for a karter new to scales, a bathroom scale set will intro you to scaling, get you in the ballpark, and show any gross weight issues.  Also get a nice 4′ level and a dozen 1’x1′ floor tiles to level the scales on your floor. 

Don’t even begin to think the bathroom scale set-up is scientific.  Its not.  Thats why the racing scales cost so much – accuracy.  Just assume each scale is accurate to within +/- 3lbs, and your total class weight is +/- 15lbs.  In other words don’t think your total is making you class legal!  Also, to check for consistancy, after you weight the kart, rotate the scales so each is under a different corner of the kart and double check the weights.  Doing this a few times will reveal if you have a scale way off from the rest.

Good luck.