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Saying you’ll never make it “fair” is not totally true. Maybe with a “heads-up” format but not with a “bracket” style format. Dissimilar karts with different engine(s) packages with similar speeds can be combined without anything other than rules covering safety. Naturally you wouldn’t want a Briggs on the track at the same time as a 250 shifter. But you can have a race for (X) number of minutes, throw away your first lap time since it may be from a standing start, and whoever maintains the most consistent lap times for the duration of the race is the winner. Second most consistent gets second, and on down. That’d enable you to combine a great variety of singles, twins, shifters, etc. without worrying of weights or matching like categories. A simple concept that lacks scales, tech, and a ton of rules. Rules are for spec classes. RWYB is for those who remember karting before “cookie cutters” took over. JMHO -Alan-