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George Sunderland

Rules??? We don’t need no stinking rules!!! :) Benn pretty much explained it. I really believe this is the growth class of the future, a sort of anti-spec class. You may or may not know but I helped write the original rules for the USKGP RWYB class. The intent is two-fold: A) help promote and give the opportunity to the mad scientist aspect of the sport that so many of us miss hence the ok of NO2, alky, blowers, turbos, big cc’s etc etc. and B) to make a class for karts that are obsolete for today’s classes (aka C-Open), or otherwise just don’t fit anywhere else. Some places are breaking the class into 2 groups, Big Motor and Small motor, but otherwise rules concentrate on safety. Super exotic stuff often doesn’t stay together very long. So it is quite possible to run well or even win in a basic 125 shifter or the like. Bring it on. Variety is the spice of life.